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Azat Mard

Sasuntsi Davit T-Shirt

Sasuntsi Davit T-Shirt

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Product Description:

Our black Davit Sasuntsi T-shirt crafted from 100% Cotton embraces our Armenian heritage with our iconic circle logo at the front chest, showcasing the legendary statue of Davit Sasuntsi. This symbol of strength and resilience is enlarged at the back.

David of Sasun is a legend of the medieval heroic-epic story about the past of Armenian people “Sasuntsi Davit” which took shape in the 7-10 Centuries. David is an irresistible hero of superhuman strength, a lover of mankind, a valiant daredevil, and a peace lover.

For many centuries, David for the Armenian people has been the embodiment of freedom-loving aspirations.

The monument of Sasuntsi Davit is of great importance for Yerevan and the whole of Armenia.

The t-shirt is a slightly oversized fit and it includes our signature red, blue, orange tab added to the side of the garment representing the national flag of Armenia.

We honour the legacy of David Sasun, whose epic tale of resistance against invaders continue to inspire generations.


Made in Portugal

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