Meaning of AZAT MARD

AZAT MARD translates from Armenia as ‘Free Man’. The brand is built on delivering freedom through its brand association, its garments and its lifestyle.
Freedom and self-expression are the driving forces behind the ethos of the brand, the AZAT MARD man is a leader, he is forward-thinking and not afraid to stand up and stand out.

Meaning of Azat Mard
In an interview with high end boutique store, ACCENT LEEDS, founders Garen and Neil were asked about the meaning and what it means to them. 
Garen: Every man needs his freedom. It’s about not being afraid to express yourself or wear what you want to wear. A lot of our designs are quite loud — we do have the subtle things, but we play really big on the graphic side of it. AZAT MARD is about self-expression for every man.
Neil: It’s having the confidence to go out and wear what you want. Also, the name is important to us because it has an authentic meaning behind it, and when Armenian people recognise the name, they get excited about the brand.
Garen: There are a lot of communities around the world that are really proud to wear the brand. 

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